Blow In Doors


We supply Blow-In Doors to complement our 2S systems in Gas Turbines’ projects.
By partnering with a UK-based OEM with decades of experience, we are able to supply 2 designs:

  1. Mechanical tuning of pressure drop
  2. Advanced Electronic tuning of pressure drop with simplified installation

Mechanical Design


  • The blow-in doors open automatically when the Dp reaches 140 mmH2O, with possibility to tune between 114 mmH2O and 406 mmH2O
  • Estimated weight = 18kg
  • Overall dimensioning 585mm x 585mm
  • Aperture opening 444mm x 444mm
  • Angle of door opening 56°
  • The blow-in doors are anodized
  • Provided with an integrated Junction Box to manage heating power and signals (min IP56)
  • Power Consumption max 1.15kW (5Amp)
  • The feedback of the door position is sent from an external micro-switch with low power consumption (1uA to 100mA @ 1 to 50V ac/dc)
  • The tuning of pressure drop value for the blow-in door opening can be done from the upstream side of the door (door needs to be open)

Advanced Electronic Design



  • See Mechanical Design above plus
  • The Dp can be tuned remotely from the Turbine Control System (TCS) with a simple DC 12V input to a Junction Box of our supply

We are able to supply additional Junction Boxes (typically M20, IP66) in order to integrate the Blow-In doors with the ship’s feedback and control system.

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