Anti Icing


We are able to integrate the following anti-icing technologies in our 2S and HVAC systems:

  • Hot air drawn from GT compressor or Engines’ Room or elsewhere -> air nozzle system upstream our systems
  • Electric power -> Trace Heating integrated inside the first stage of our systems

In general, we recommend Trace Heating technology for the following reasons:

  • Save space upstream
  • More elegant solution
  • The technology we implement is extremely reliable as the electric tape used to conduct heat is shielded from the environment inside the vanes of the first stage of separation within our systems
  • Flexibility to avoid frost and icing formation or to heat the air by utilising a higher duty electric tape

Pictures follow showing the red electric tape used concealed within the vanes, as well as one of our installations


The following diagram allows to select the electric duty required depending on the operator’s target to protect the first stage (ie Vane protection), the whole filter system (ie Filter protection) or even the GT:


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