2S Diesel Generators & Propulsion


Standard module accommodating 25kg/s at 15degC [2m x 2m x 0.35m].

We implement our innovative 2S Design Architecture with the following results.

1)  Version 2S/G4-200

  • Approx. 60% Efficiency Vs 1 micron droplets (and salt in wet state)
  • Approx. 40% Efficiency Vs 1 micron dust particles (and salt in dry state)

2)   Version 2S/M5+-200

  • 60% Efficiency Vs 0.8micron droplets (and salt in wet state)
  • 40% Efficiency Vs 0.8micron dust particles (and salt in dry state)

Both solutions meet with the following typical specifications:

  • Salt ingress < 3% at 100% RH
  • Dust content < 0.05mg/m3
  • Salt content < 0.01ppm
  • Salt content < 1mg/m3

The 2S/M5+-200 solution also meets with the following typical specifications:

  • Particle Efficiency > 99.5% to ISO 5011

Our approach, however, is to refer to the 3 sets of charts below for the following reasons:

  • More direct comparison across various systems on the market
  • Knowing the environmental conditions, the charts below allow to calculate the exact salt and dust ingress/concentrations

On the other hand, the exact efficiencies depend on the exact air velocity, therefore these charts may vary slightly according to the specific projects.

To bear in mind is that, in general, the 2S systems’ Wet and Solubles’ Efficiency increases while the Dry Particles’ Efficiency decreases as the air velocity increases.


Wet and Solubles’ Efficiency


Dry Particles’ Efficiency

Pressure Droup

Pressure Drop

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