2S Naval Gas Turbine


Standard module accommodating 32kg/s at 15degC [2m x 2m x 0.75m].

We implement our innovative 2S Design Architecture as follows:

  • 2S/M6
  •  2S/M6+
  •  A custom 2S/F7 is also available

All solutions meet with the following typical specifications:

  • Salt ingress <0.0015ppm, average and <0.01 ppm max
  • Water ingress <0.5% of air flow
  •  Dust ingress <0.004grains/1000 ft3
  •  Salt content downstream < 0.01ppm by weight

Our systems feature 2 market firsts:

  • Highest water removal (and salt in wet state) reliability, as measured by the ISO:29461-2
  • Highest water removal (and salt in wet state) efficiency, up to 100% at 0.8micron droplets

Contact For Services

Via Cesare Fracassini, 18, 00196 Roma RM, Italy

(+39 06 322 14636)


ISO:29461-2 water test

  • No water penetration throughout the test.
  • Downstream duct dry to touch after removing filter.
  • Downstream media dry to touch at end of test.

Water Removal Efficiency